The hugely successful National Student Space Conference 2015 has now ended. Thank you to all who came, spoke, and supported it, we look forward to seeing you at NSSC 2016.

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The following speakers have kindly made their presentations available:

The Rosetta Mission So Far (pdf, video)| Dr Matt Taylor, European Space Agency

What is a Space Job? (pdf)| Jenni Doonan, HE Space

Challenges of Hypersonic Air-Breathing Flight (pptx)| Dr David M. Birch, University of Surrey

Digital Rights in Space (pdf)| Richard Graham, Richemont/ISPL

Lunar Mission One (pdf) | Prof. Ian Crawford, Birkbeck College/Lunar Mission One

The Future of the UK’s Space Programme (pptx)| Dr Alice BunnUK Space Agency

The IAC Student Paper Competition (pptx)| Stuart EvesBritish Interplanetary Society

SEDS-USA (pdf)| Alan SmithSEDS-USA

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