Please note, that though this programme is the expected running order of the event, it may change slightly due to circumstances beyond our control.

Saturday 1st March
Time Session 1 Session 2 SOT

08:30 Registration Open  

09:00 Welcome and Opening
  09:20 UK Student IAC Competition & World Space Week 2014
  09:30 Telespazio VEGA
  09:40 Break

09:50 The New Space Age
David Ashford, Bristol Spaceplanes
The Multi Disciplinary Team in Space
Andrew Winnard & Dr Rochelle Velho
  10:15 Break Jobs In Space
Keith Muirhead, HE Space
Telespazio SOT
Session 1

10:40 WISCER CubeSat
Graham Kirby, Poynting Institute

11:05 Devon One: Reuseable VTOL
Ray Bainbridge, Tranquility Aerospace
FUN in Space
David Johnson, AMSAT-UK

11:30 Reaction Engines
Richard Varvill
Flexibility and Beyond
Nick Howland, PCL
Telespazio SOT
Session 2
  11:55 Sapienza ECLIPSE Challenge
Ross Irvine, Sapienza Consulting Ltd.
  12:20 Serco Astrognome


12:30 Lunch
Sponsored by Serco
  13:30 3D Printing for Space
Dr Elie Allouis, Airbus
The Big Bang Near Me
David Ault, Big Bang Fairs
Telespazio SOT
Session 3
  13:55 Space: Open for Business
Chad Anderson, Space Angels Network
ISS: Science, Education, & Exploration
Steve Leach, University of Leicester
  14:20 UK Space Design Competition Space Opportunities in Sweden
  14:30 Break Seeing the Invisible – IR Astronomy & Satellite Operations
Dr Helen Walker, STFC RAL
Telespazio SOT
Session 4

14:55 Space and Education
Josh Barker, National Space Academy
  15:20 Break

15:30 Major Tim Peake
European Space Agency
  16:30 KEYNOTE
Shock Waves and the Design of Future Spacecraft

Prof. Richard Brown, University of Strathclyde
  17:30 Networking Reception
Sponsored by Reaction Engines
  19:00 Day Ends
  19:00 Social
(separate ticket)


Sunday 2nd March
Time Session 1 Session 2 SOT
09:00 Registration Open  
Dr David Parker, UK Space Agency
10:35 Break Mars Hopper
Dr Hugo Williams, University of Leicester
Telespazio SOT
Session 5
11:00 CGI Reaction Engines Limited

11:10 MarsOne & Lynx Space Academy panel Break

11:35 UKSEDS Annual General Meeting  

13:00 Lunch
Sponsored by Serco

14:00 Europe’s Rosetta Mission
Ed Trollope, Telespazio VEGA
UKSEDS Projects Update
Telespazio SOT
Session 6
14:50 Space Generation Advisory Council UKSEDS Heritage Project
15:00 Amateur Observation of Jupiter
Dr David Arditti, British Astronomical Association
SEDS in the United States
Hannah Rae Kerner, SEDS-USA
Telespazio SOT
Session 7
15:25 Launching Nanosats Affordably
Alan Perera-Webb, Commerical Space Technologies
16:00 Day Ends  

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